04 576 2009

Family Healthcare for Hutt Valley and Wainuiomata

Scans and test results

Blood/Urine Tests, X-Rays & Ultrasound scans

All results are sent directly to HUTT CITY HEALTH CENTRES where your Doctor will always review them and take appropriate action.

Results usually arrive within a few days of being performed.

Will you see test results?

In most cases we will not notify you of normal or marginally abnormal results unless they impact on your care. We will let you know if the results require further attention.

Non-resident patient fees

If you are an overseas visitor or non-resident patient you will be required to pay for all laboratory tests, X-rays and Ultrasound scans.

Contact HUTT CITY HEALTH CENTRES if you are unsure or to clarify other fees and charges.


Repeat Prescriptions

Need a repeat prescription?

We can fax it to your pharmacist.

News Updates

Patient Portal available NOW
Manage your health online 24/7 with the HUTT CITY HEALTH CENTRE Patient Portal.

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Stroke FAST Campaign
Know the Signs of Stroke – Think FAST. Delayed recognition of a stroke can have tragic consequences, including further damage to the brain or death. 

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